In 2022, here are the top 5 web design firms to hire.

Hiring a top web design service is the most effective approach to ensure that your website accurately represents you and your company. Web design firms understand how to accentuate the most important elements, help you through the process, and create a website that looks and feels “correct.”

Of course, there’s always the low-cost option of doing it yourself with WordPress, Shopify, Wix, or Squarespace. You could even hire a freelance web designer from Upwork, but hiring a professional web design business is still your best bet if you want a website that operates effectively and looks amazing.

Here are the top five web design agencies globally, situated in the United States and Europe, that will design and construct your online web presence from the ground up — no matter what industry you’re in.


Clay Global, a major web design agency and branding firm in San Francisco, was founded in 2009.

What makes Clay Global one of the world’s greatest web design firms? Said they’re excellent at what they do. They have a staff of creative and experienced web designers familiar with UI/UX and branding, which is crucial for developing a strong online identity and digital strategy.

Furthermore, they’ve worked with customers from tiny enterprises to Fortune 500 corporations as a digital agency. Their web design portfolio is chock-full of outstanding samples of previous work ranging from fintech and cryptocurrency to healthcare and e-commerce.

The big shot tech businesses they’ve worked with, such as Facebook, Google, Coinbase, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Sony, Snapchat, and many more, are perhaps the best testament to why you should select a website design agency like Clay Global.

Clay Global’s full-stack solutions, which go beyond UI and UX and are what you’d expect from a top web design agency, are one of their highlights. They provide a specialized team for web design, development, testing, marketing, and other services, whether you’re building SaaS, business applications, or different digital experiences for the web.

Clay Global has a team of over 70 professionals in their industry with a 5-year employee retention rate. They provide fixed-fee engagements and charge a blended hourly cost of $200-250/hr.

Doberman EY

EY Doberman is a web design firm specializing in helping businesses grow, flourish, and stand out. They bought Doberman, a Swedish consultancy web design studio, in 2020 and have worked on web development with several companies in various industries.

They help their companies enhance and reinvent their online design and marketing approach for specific target demographics and consumers, working with Doberman’s 100-strong staff of web designers.

They execute high-quality audits, observing things from all viewpoints and checking out numerous perspectives to find the ideal strategy when dealing with difficulties and coming up with innovations and solutions and web design and development.

They are one of the web design businesses dedicated to staying current and ahead of the competition by acquiring all necessary information from various sources.

EY also purchased Avalanche Consulting two weeks before buying Doberman, adding their experience and talents to EY’s armoury. They hope to leave an impression through web design and website development, make changes, and present new ways and chances for businesses to succeed.


Pentagram originally launched a design studio on April 1st, 1962, and has been a premier graphic design agency ever since. To cut a long story short, they lost and gained a lot of members before introducing a new corporate structure. They’ve grown into a full-service branding and web design firm, with services ranging from graphic design, brand identification, and digital marketing to web design and digital marketing tactics.

Their offices are presently located in London, New York City, San Francisco, and Texas. They worked on many projects for League of Legends, a popular MOBA game. They even contributed to the film ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ as a branding firm, collaborating with prominent companies like Citibank and working on multiple projects for League of Legends, a popular MOBA game.

They have designed and built award-winning marketing websites for several of their clients. Thus they certainly deserve to be mentioned among the best web design firms.

The first thing you’ll notice on their website is their branding and web design portfolio, and they’re proud of the projects they’ve completed and the well-known companies they’ve collaborated with.

They also have commercial partners in architecture, business, entertainment, web development, and social media marketing. However, they are best known for their branding and graphic design work, which they specialize in.

Bakken & Baeck

Bakken & Baeck is a digital agency and web design firm specializing in digital strategy, website design, and web development to improve users’ experiences with the company’s and client’s brands and products while achieving the best possible outcomes. They also provide mobile app development, digital marketing services, and even market research and content marketing as one of the most diverse top web design businesses.

One of their achievements was the development of ‘Wake,’ an online web tool that allows users to interact, discuss plans, and plan with their team digitally. It was so successful that it developed to become a stand-alone business.

They have the expertise, experience, and resources to make it happen, from simple digital designs that reflect your product to full-stack development and prototypes to evaluate how your digital product or company website will work.

They engage with professionals in various software development disciplines, conversion optimization, and e-commerce company to obtain the most efficient data and gain a new viewpoint for a better approach when solving a problem as an end-to-end creative agency. They create innovations and marketing initiatives that exceed expectations using these data and further investigation.

This digital design studio has a staff of approximately 60 people, including website designers, web developers, strategists, copywriters, and business developers. Using their assistance to set up your online store or marketing website will boost your business.

Theory and Code

Code and Theory is a web design firm based in New York in 2001. Like Bakken & Baeck, they concentrate on branding, digital solutions, product innovation, and improving customer experiences.

They provide web design services to many clients and businesses, but their core concentration is on the Digital Marketing and Advertising market. They believe that technology and creativity go hand in hand to create limitless results and possibilities, allowing them to deliver and surpass their clients’ expectations.

With over 500 workers worldwide, Code and Theory specialize in digital strategy, web design, and custom software development. They’ve worked with several well-known startups and corporations.

Amazon, Adidas, CNN, J.P Morgan Chase, Samsung, Spotify, Tiktok, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer are just a few of their clientele.